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Thread: Alicia Monroe ( Chelsea Halfpenny)

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    Alicia Monroe ( Chelsea Halfpenny)

    Good news for Casualty fans Alicia Monroe will be staying on our screens for the foreseeable.

    Following Chelsea Halfpenny's brief stint on the show late last year, Alicia's returning to the ED this weekend as a locum doctor and the ex-Emmerdale star's confirmed she's back permanently.

    Her comeback coincides with the show's 30th anniversary episodes, which are kicking off on Saturday and resuming with a feature-length special at the end of August.

    "I'm so excited and humbled for my character to have been brought back into Casualty as a regular cast member", Chelsea told The Sun.

    "It's such a key moment in the show's history that I feel honoured to make my return in the final episode of the series.

    "There are really interesting storylines coming up for Alicia, so watch this space!"

    And Alicia can expect a challenge when she bumps into Lily Chao the doctor who bullied her out of the hospital last year.

    After failing to overcome her differences with Lily, Alicia was forced to resign but when the pair will be thrown back together when they are put on the same case.

    Casualty airs Alicia's return in the series finale on Saturday, July 30 at 9.25pm on BBC One.

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    is she date raped going by newest latest trailer?

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    The following article contains discussion of sexual assault that some readers may find distressing.

    Casualty will partner with Rape Crisis England & Wales for a powerful storyline about sexual assault.

    In the coming weeks, Alicia Munroe (Chelsea Halfpenny) will come to the realisation that she's been raped by work colleague Dr Eddie McAllister (Joe Gaminara), who first appeared on screens in March.

    The sexual assault will have occurred after a night of drinking, and it's only after piecing flashbacks together that she realises she never gave Eddie consent. Viewers will follow for six weeks as Alicia comes to grips with having been attacked.

    Alicia Munroe and Caleb 'Cal' Knight in Casualty

    "I've felt a distinct sense of responsibility for this storyline from the moment Lucy Raffety, our series producer, informed me we were going to explore it here at Casualty. I think now, more than ever, it is so important that we use our platform to highlight such an issue," actress Chelsea Halfpenny said (via The Mirror).

    "Through the sensitive writing, dedicated and passionate directing, and utmost love and support from each and every cast, crew and production member, I believe that we have dealt with the storyline authentically and respectively, and I hope it helps anyone that is, or has been through anything of this nature."

    Rape Crisis England & Wales' Katie Russell suggested that such depictions of sexual violence in drama can be important because they help break down "common myths and stereotypes" about rape.

    Alicia, Ethan and Cal in Casualty

    "Continuing dramas like Casualty aim to reflect important issues in society and people's lives and, sadly, sexual violence is a reality for many, so to shy away from it completely would seem conspicuous and even potentially run the risk of reinforcing the idea that it's a 'taboo' topic," Russell said.

    "This storyline looks at the central issue of consent, which must be given fully and freely for any and every sexual act by someone with the capacity to do so. Consent can never be assumed; it should be actively sought and enthusiastically given. Anything less is an act of sexual violence. Casualty has made efforts to explore this topic responsibly and carefully and we hope it helps to raise vital awareness and understanding."

    This will be the latest high-profile storyline for Alicia since Chelsea Halfpenny returned to the medical soap on a permanent basis in the summer of 2016.

    Casualty will begin airing its sexual assault storyline later in May on BBC One.

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