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Thread: Eastender current episode discussion IV

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    good scenes with JWB and Ian. Adam Woodyatt can be very good when give the chance. This gangster stuff with Aidan is crap. Will Jack find out what Max did to him over Matthew?
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    I know its soap blah blah blah ... but in real life Kathy should of gone to the Police the second he entered her work place. Yes his punishment has been served but she could of had a harassment warning issued against him meaning anything he did from that point that effects her would be prosecutable. That means any direct or indirect contact, WB buying her place of work her local and seeming aim to destroy her family comes under that umbrella. I mean that is what he is doing and not very subtly.

    Ian confronting the fella was lame, his pathetic pleas were irksome to me. But then Kathy has told so many lies in the past I suppose it would be natural not to be implicitly trusting of her.

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    Finally it looks like Max is going after Phil but of course we know Max will come out worst unless Aidan is part of Max and James's plans

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    Can't fathom Aidan , the big heist must be Walfords worst kept secret, everyone's eavesdropping. He only needs to rope in Billy Mitchell, to just about cap it all . Hope someone decides to go after Ian Beale ,sometime soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by flappinfanny View Post
    It was nice to see Cora, a real treat, Ann Mitchell is a class act. Max(well) is no Paul Hollywood is he? I thought the Kathy and Ian scenes were very good.
    Corfa is an awful woman

    I thought Bernadette was better than that. Hardly any gangster nonsense, so that was good.
    Why did you think that Bernaddette was better ?

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