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Thread: The Morgan Brothers: Justin, Brody & Mason

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    Digital Spy article (UK Pace)

    Home and Away's Brody Morgan faces cheating temptation as Simone Bedford kisses him
    Is it the beginning of the end for him and Ziggy?

    Home and Away newcomer Simone Bedford shows her true colours next week, making a move on married man Brody Morgan.

    Simone (Emily Eskell) has developed a close bond with Brody since they started working together at Salt, arousing suspicion that she has romantic intentions.

    Next week's episodes see Brody's wife Ziggy (Sophie Dilman) decide to keep a close eye on Simone, finding any excuse she can to be around her at the restaurant.

    Brody (Jackson Heywood) knows that Ziggy's sudden desire for a friendship with Simone isn't genuine, but he advises the trainee chef to go along with it to avoid rocking the boat.

    Sadly, the atmosphere between the trio turns sour when Ziggy discovers that Simone has a picture of Brody set as the wallpaper on her phone.

    Ziggy sees this as evidence that Simone can't be trusted and is infuriated when Brody doesn't side with her in the argument that follows.

    After time to cool off, Ziggy reconciles with Brody and apologises for being paranoid confident that he wouldn't throw away his marriage over a woman he's only just met.

    What Ziggy doesn't realise is that Brody secretly is starting to develop feelings of his own for Simone, leaving him increasingly uncomfortable as they're working together.

    Wanting to put a stop to this tricky situation before it's too late, Brody tells Simone that she can no longer work at Salt because he needs to put his marriage first.

    Simone responds by kissing Brody passionately, admitting that Ziggy was right all along and she does like him. How will Brody react?

    Home and Away airs these scenes on Friday, February 22 at 1.15pm and 6pm on Channel 5.

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    Digital Spy article:


    Home and Away confirms Brody and Simone outcome in shock new scenes
    It's not looking good for Brody and Ziggy's marriage.

    Home and Away has confirmed an affair storyline for married man Brody Morgan.

    Show bosses have recently introduced trainee chef Simone Bedford as a new love interest for Brody (Jackson Heywood), leaving fans to wonder how far things would go between them.

    Last year, 2018's season finale episode in Australia saw Brody finally cross the line by sleeping with Simone (Emily Eskell).

    Home and Away has returned to Australian screens for its new season this week, picking up the storyline at last.

    As Brody was guilt-ridden over cheating on his wife Ziggy Astoni (Sophie Dillman), his betrayal initially seemed like a one-off mistake. Putting on a show of loyalty, Brody rejected Simone again and asked her to leave.

    However, today's episode on Channel 7 saw the dynamics shift yet again as indecisive Brody stopped Simone from departing Summer Bay at the eleventh hour.

    As Simone questioned whether their connection was ever real, Brody confirmed that it was and realised in the moment that he simply couldn't let her go.

    Giving into temptation, Brody kissed Simone and suggested that they should go somewhere more private to take things further once again.

    With Brody now well into affair territory with Simone, how long will he be able to keep these dalliances secret from Ziggy?

    Home and Away's UK fans will see these scenes on March 12 on Channel 5, where episodes are currently airing three weeks behind Australia.

    Home and Away airs weekdays at 1.15pm and 6pm on Channel 5 (UK) and Monday to Thursday at 7pm on Channel 7 (Australia).

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