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Thread: Eve Morey (Sonya Rebecchi)

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    Eve's face was so expressive the entire episode. You could tell exactly what she was thinking and all her emotions were written so clearly. She's really grown as an actress in the last few years, or perhaps it's just Sonya who has grown, but I didn't like her much when she was always stuttering and flakey. By the end she was the best in the show by far.

    I don't follow soap gossip much but doesn't her husband (Tadpole) also work on the show behind the scenes? If so, it's even more strange that they let Eve go.

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    Interview with Eve re alternative storyline for Sonya, posted on Digital Spy:

    Neighbours star Eve Morey reveals another alternative ending for Sonya Rebecchi
    And it was linked to a previous storyline.

    Neighbours star Eve Morey has revealed that her departure from the show could have been very different.

    The actress left the soap when her character Sonya Rebecchi passed away on a seaside trip with her family last month. Sonya was diagnosed with terminal cancer and, after receiving the devastating news, she and her husband Toadie (Ryan Moloney) arranged a family holiday so that she can spend as much time as possible with the kids.

    In a new interview for TenPlay, Eve has now explained that the soap's showrunners initially thought of another alternative exit storyline for her character.

    Sonya's exit was to be connected to her drinking addiction, which was last explored in 2017 when she was going through a moment of weakness and tried to numb her pain through alcohol.

    However, the actress had a conversation with the soap's bosses and thought that wouldn't be the best way to write out her character.

    "I had spoken to the producers about it and when we were talking what the exit would look like," Eve said. "I've felt that the only way Sonya would leave would be if she died."

    Eve has previously revealed that Sonya's departure wasn't entirely her choice but explained that from a "business perspective" it "made sense".

    Earlier this month, Ryan Moloney, who plays Toadie, spoke to Digital Spy about the stoyline and said that he also came up with an alternative storyline.

    "I actually came up with a storyline where Toadie was the one who had cancer, or some kind of dark illness," he said.

    "He'd finally get the all-clear and Sonya would be rushing to meet him, but she'd get taken out by a car. But we went with this one instead, so that's fine!"

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