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Thread: Patrick Trueman (Rudolph Walker)

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    New EastEnders pictures have been released showing the aftermath of Patrick Trueman's upcoming stroke.

    Patrick's health takes another turn for the worse next week after he continues to ignore the warning signs that something is wrong with him.

    In the build-up to Patrick's crisis, he clashes bitterly with Ian Beale after learning that he paid Rainie Cross for sex on Good Friday.

    Patrick issues Ian with a one-day deadline to tell his partner Denise the truth, but the Albert Square businessman tries to stay one step ahead by arranging a spontaneous trip to Oxford to see Libby.

    Fans will see Patrick's anger rise when he learns that Ian has fled from Walford with Denise, but as his emotions get the better of him, he suddenly collapses.

    Denise (Diane Parish) is later devastated when she finds out that Patrick has had a stroke, and she rushes to be by his side at the hospital.

    Denise looks after Patrick
    Denise looks after Patrick

    Denise is devastated by what has happened
    Denise is devastated by what has happened

    EastEnders bosses announced Patrick's stroke storyline last month, promising that its repercussions will play out on screen for the rest of the year.

    Executive producer Dominic Treadwell-Collins commented: "This is an important storyline in so many ways.

    "Not only does it give the wonderful Rudolph Walker the chance to shine, but we also hope it will raise awareness of the warning signs that come before a stroke and the difficulties of caring for the elderly in 21st century Britain."

    EastEnders airs these scenes on Tuesday, July 22 at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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    killed by new son isaac?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lizann View Post
    killed by new son isaac?
    Is"Patty" leaving? who will be the eldest resident on the Square now?????

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