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Thread: Eric Pollard

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    Eric Pollard

    Emmerdale's Eric Pollard has to decide whether to support his wife Val next week after doctors confirm that she is HIV positive.

    Val (Charlie Hardwick) receives the news after confiding in Eric and finally agreeing to get tested. However, the diagnosis isn't the only bombshell that Val faces as she also learns that Eric has recently had a one-night stand with her sister Diane…

    Here, Chris Chittell - who plays Eric - previews the big fortnight ahead for the Pollards.

    What are the circumstances of Pollard and Diane's one-night stand?
    "It's one of those situations you wish you never ever dreamt of, never mind taking part in. It just goes from bad to worse and it really is continuing to do so. I don't know if you've heard of a series called Breaking Bad, but it's very, very much like that. Just every turn that Pollard takes, it just gets worse and worse.

    "I would empathise with Pollard. I hate to admit, but it's part of life and you do need silly things and then you think, 'Dear God, why did I do that?' Diane is also in the same scenario and in the same situation. She's equally saying, 'I've done this to my sister'. Although her sister has done it her on a few occasions."

    Does Pollard feel guilty?
    "Yes, because he really does love Val. There is a huge problem here, but he is devoted to her."

    Pollard has been pushed away by Val, hasn't he?
    "Yes, hugely - with great ramifications as to where he actually belongs in life and where he belongs in Valerie's life. Do they now have a life now together with HIV?"

    What is Pollard's initial reaction to the news about Val?
    "He is just very glad that he's not HIV to start off with. As soon as Valerie knows, because they use the same appointment to be verified, it's a case of what will happen now? HIV can be managed, but it will have a great strain on their love life, which is also a very important issue because that's why Pollard and she got together again. They got together in the first place because Valerie can press his buttons and she knows which buttons to push. Maybe that is now threatened."

    What happens when Val finds out the truth about Pollard and Diane?
    "It's another nail going into the very lively coffin. Val is utterly distraught and she's pacing around in that big barn all on her own. Well, there's Cheryl the dog to keep her company, but I think even the dog is being pushed to one side at the moment."

    How does Val deal with the HIV positive diagnosis?
    "Rather badly, because she thinks, 'What have I got left? My love life has gone up the spout, so I might as well smoke myself to death, drink myself to death'. That is rather strange really, because that's normally the scenario for a fella. Val is also lashing out at anything and everything."

    Can Eric help her at this point, even though she's so angry over the Diane issue?
    "It will find a way round. It's got to find a way around, because at the end of the day, Pollard has just got David and Valerie just has Diane, nobody else. Well, she's got her son, who lives in Spain. That's it. Having said that, she's got a dodgy daughter in the north east, doesn't she? But she doesn't see her, they don't talk."

    What do you think about the HIV storyline in general?
    "I'm a 65-year-old ancient. As much as I have had my eyes and ears opened to the world, when it comes to something like this, you never ever envisage this happening to you or your nearest and dearest.

    "The great thing is that this story is emulated with great knowledge, great inside insight and great inside knowledge - from the horse's mouth as it were. We're not leading anyone up the garden path and we don't intend to do so. The story is informed and even though the faux pas will ensue, it will be addressed and people will be more informed than they have been.

    "The fact that it can be addressed now, it's a godsend. It's terrible that we didn't have the wherewithal to save so many lives prior to this. You know, you can take an overnight pill if you've been exposed, but you have to take it quickly."

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    It's been one of Emmerdale's biggest storylines in years, but long-serving star Chris Chittell has admitted that he had some doubts when he first heard about plans for the helicopter crash.

    The Eric Pollard actor was interviewed on ITV's Good Morning Britain today (August 7) and spoke candidly about his initial thoughts on the plot, which has caused death and destruction in explosive episodes airing all week.
    Asked how he reacts whenever he hears about plans for a dramatic stunt week, Chittell laughed: "What a load of old...!"

    Explaining his scepticism, he continued: "You think, 'Well, why do we need it? Because the show sits very well in its own right'. It's a great, great show and to go to all this expense for just one week?"

    However, the 67-year-old did admit that the positive fan response to the storyline may have proved him wrong.

    He said: "I realise I'm being devil's advocate ever so slightly. It has some repercussions and it will go on, and it has a juice. People on Twitter say, 'I don't watch it' but they've been watching it all week. It's just incredible.

    "The proof is in the pudding. It's great to be part of it. When we did the promo, there's this silly white-haired old goat dragging along behind these guys and I think, 'I'm part of it'. It's just great - wonderful."

    Chittell will soon feature in emotional scenes as Eric has to deal with the tragic death of his wife Val. However, he confessed that he was shocked by some of the other twists within the episodes - in particular the unexpected death of Ross Barton last night.

    He said: "Last night's episode I'd not seen until last night. I hadn't seen the week's viewing, so that was a shock to me. Don't forget that you read your own bits, you don't read other people's. [I said], 'What?! Ross has gone?' Another baddie gone down the drain!"

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    The Sun TV Soap magazine published on Sunday August 31st 2015:

    Star Interview
    Chris Chittell (Eric Pollard)

    "Val gave Eric a purpose - possibly for the first time ever - so for her to be taken from his life is unbearable. I think he's close to topping himself."

    "When Diane comes to the B&B, she thinks she's doing him a favour by tidying up. But he cherished that cup with Val's lipstick on it. The ignoramus! She bears the brunt of Eric's rage. It's possible he needs this anger to get him through the day."

    "Charlie Hardwick [who played Val] and I have had some great moments doing this story. Every now and again in this business you find somebody who you just enjoy working with and it's been that way with Charlie. The scene where Val came back as an apparition was genius. Twitter went potty."

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    chris is playing an absolute blinder

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    Quote Originally Posted by lizann View Post
    chris is playing an absolute blinder
    well- hes haunted by two dead wives now

    Val and Elizabeth( who he murdered(-don't
    believe the very delayed recons)!!

    Id sent u a ghostly icon with a mad cackle
    -but cant find one!.

    p.s. more seriously I do think Eric is
    grieving for Val very deeply. And it is
    thought that effects of one traumatic
    event can re-open another from long
    ago -that people feel that have dealt with
    and overcome.

    In recent years Eric has generally been
    an amiable older gent. But in his earlier
    days -as.manager of NY estates and his
    marriage to Elizabeth and other personal
    relationships he did do.some bad tbings
    and the actor has said he doesnt want Eric
    to revert back to " evil".

    So perhaps his feelings at the moment
    are more complicated than his grief
    for Val -deep tho that is!
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    The Daily Star published on 20/09/15:

    Emmerdale: Smashing drama as Eric flips

    GRIEVING Eric Pollard smashes his way into son David Metcalfe’s shop using a sledgehammer.

    Published 20th September 2015

    Eric has been lashing out following the death of his beloved wife Val, despite the love and support of his family and friends.

    Angry that Val was so cruelly taken from him in the helicopter crash that devastated the village, he is struggling to see a future without her by his side.

    So when David plans a special tribute it sends Eric over the edge.

    “It’s going to take some doing for him to get back from this”
    A show insider

    He storms round to the shop and tries to get in – but finds the place locked.

    Eric then tells Edna Birch and Pearl Ladderbanks exactly what he thinks of the tribute to Val and grabs a sledgehammer.

    He then smashes his way into the shop and sets about destroying everything inside.

    Devastated David has done everything he can to try and help his dad – even sacrificing his marriage to wife Alicia to be with him when he needs him most.

    But smashing up the store could well prove the final straw for the devoted son.

    An Emmerdale insider said: “Eric isn’t coping. He hates the world without his Val in it.

    “David thinks he’s doing a nice thing organising a special tribute but it sends his dad over the edge.

    “He is furious. He grabs a sledgehammer and takes it to the shop smashing everything he can.

    “He has lost the plot and it’s going to take some doing for him to get back from this.”

    Fans of the ITV soap can watch all the drama as Eric loses it a week on Thursday, October 1st.


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    Emmerdale spoilers: Eric Pollard to be arrested after Chrissie Sugden's verdict is revealed

    His attempt to get revenge will backfire badly.

    By Daniel Kilkelly, Digital Spy
    24 November 2015

    ​Emmerdale's Eric Pollard will reach breaking point next week as he is arrested at Chrissie Sugden's trial.

    The grief-stricken B&B owner completely loses control after Chrissie is found not guilty in court, despite her role in causing the village's tragic helicopter crash.

    With Eric out for revenge as the disaster killed his wife Val, his son David is powerless to stop him from causing a scene.

    In the build-up to Chrissie's court date, Eric pre-warns David that he's determined to dish out his own punishment if she gets off scot-free.

    Eager for his dad to see sense, David handcuffs himself to the banister at Eric's barn and vows not to leave until he talks to him - but it's a move which soon backfires when Eric seizes the keys.

    Matthew Wolfenden, who plays David, revealed: "When David visits the house, he sees the extent of what's happening in there. Eric has set up a shrine to Val and he's also got the video that Val left him before she died playing on repeat. There are also dirty plates and clothes all over the place.

    "David handcuffs himself to the banister until he talks, but unfortunately Eric gets the keys out of his hands and says he can stay there all night. The next morning, Eric goes to Chrissie's trial and this is a big worry for David because he knows that his dad is capable of anything.

    "Eventually Nikhil comes to the rescue and gets David out of the handcuffs. They both rush to the court to stop Eric from doing whatever he's planning to do, but when they arrive, it's just in time to see Eric being arrested!

    "It's a bit of a shock to David because Eric literally doesn't care if he's arrested and banged up in prison for life. David is devastated because he feels that he should be doing something, but he's tried everything and nothing has worked."

    Viewers will have to tune in to find out exactly what Eric does in court, but it's enough to incur the wrath of Chrissie's son Lachlan. The twisted teen takes the feud further by breaking into Eric's home, trashing the place and vengefully stealing Val's wedding ring.

    Feeling more distraught than ever, Eric boards up his home and vows that nobody will ever touch any of Val's things again.

    Wolfenden laughed: "This is when Emmerdale turns into the Lord of the Rings trilogy! David takes it on himself to find Val's ring and his quest for the ring lasts for a long time. He believes that if he can find it, Eric will take David back into his life, open up to him and stop spiralling into this madness."

    Eric's storyline still has a while left to run, but Emmerdale bosses have previously teased that Christmas could be a possible turning point for him.

    "From speaking to people in supermarkets, they're really angry at Eric for how he's treating David," Wolfenden added. "I hope things can turn around and Eric can come out of this downward spiral.

    "He needs to take everyone who loves him back into his life - like David, Tracy, Finn and Diane. Hopefully the Christmas episode is going to be a good one for that group of people."


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    Emmerdale spoilers: Eric Pollard is Scrooge in the show's Christmas Day special

    Will Eric finally reach a turning point on Christmas Day?

    By Daniel Kilkelly, Digital Spy
    8 December 2015

    Emmerdale will pay homage to A Christmas Carol in this year's hour-long festive special.

    Eric Pollard will be at the centre of the storyline, becoming the ITV soap's own version of miserly Ebenezer Scrooge.

    Christmas looks set to be a miserable time for Eric as he insists on holing himself up in his house. He refuses to celebrate with any of his loved ones as he is still full of grief for his late wife Val.

    © ITV
    Eric plans to spend Christmas alone

    However, Eric's plans for a lonely day are thwarted when his mischievous dog Cheryl makes her way out into the village and he is forced to follow her.

    Once out in the fresh air, Eric is faced with his past, his present and his future in scenes reminiscent of Charles Dickens's classic 1843 novella.

    Emmerdale bosses are keeping tight-lipped about exactly what is in store, but there may be a chance that Eric gets a happy Christmas after all.

    Chris Chittell, who plays Eric, explained: "At first Eric thinks there is no Christmas for him. As soon as it's over and done with, the better - Eric thinks that it's a waste of time and a waste of energy. As long as he can keep himself in whiskey, he'll be a happy bunny!

    "When Cheryl gets out into the village, that starts the ball rolling. There he is in his dressing gown in the middle of winter trying to find this wretched dog."

    © ITV
    Eric finds the villagers do care about him

    Discussing Emmerdale's take on Dickens, he laughed: "I had an idea that I'd read this synopsis before! It's beautifully done, I think. It's really, really clever.

    "I think Eric has to move on now. People have shown such care and such emotion for his benefit, so now he's at the brink where he either has to go one way or another."

    Chittell also joked that he had to suffer for his art - growing an untidy beard and messy hair to help show Eric's deterioration.

    He laughed: "By the time we finished the storyline, Pollard had grown his hair and become very unkempt with a shaggy beard. Afterwards I was going to Ethiopia to do a run, so that was a good time for me to cut my hair off. That's the first thing I did the following morning.

    "I was running with a mate, so I'd mentioned to him about having to grow this beard. He said he'd grow his too and we'd have a ceremony together. Like a fool, I went to Ethiopia with a shaggy beard and looking a right twit, and there was him clean-shaven because he'd changed his mind! It was vanity as far as he was concerned!"

    Emmerdale airs an hour-long special on Christmas Day at 6.45pm on ITV.

    Read more at:

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    is he moving on from his beloved val with mamma dingle

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