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Thread: Pete Barton and Finn Barton (James Barton's sons)

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    Quote Originally Posted by helena1414 View Post
    I think Pete may be a man that likes kids a little too much...
    i cant stand pete

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    Pete seems to be more interested in Debbie's children than her. I think he will turn out to be a nasty little pedophile.

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    I heard Debbie invokes Claire's law to get Pete checked out, and it thought that was disclosure of domestic violence in the past?

    Disclosure of paedophilia etc is Sarah's law?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sarah c View Post
    I heard Debbie invokes Claire's law to get Pete checked out, and it thought that was disclosure of domestic violence in the past?

    Disclosure of paedophilia etc is Sarah's law?
    Yes, you are right on both points

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    Emmerdale star Joe Gill has hinted that his character Finn Barton could want to meet his estranged mother.

    The Bartons have been at the centre of drama recently due to the revelation that James (Bill Ward) is actually Adam's father.

    However, Gill has suggested that Finn could start to search for answers on his mother, who he currently knows nothing about.

    He said: "Finn was very very young when she left. He was so young that he actually doesn't remember her at all.

    "His older brothers remember vague arguments and disruptions in the family, but Finn was so young that he doesn't remember what she sounds like, what she looks like or what type of person she is, and I think that is why he is so intrigued about her really more so than the others."

    Hill added: "I think Finn's dad has wanted to be honest with him but due to circumstances, I don't think he has been entirely honest and he has been quite vague about certain stuff."

    Speaking about whether Finn could actively track her down, Gill said: "He's interested in finding her. There has been stuff said and he does want to see who this person is. Is she everything that he thinks she is? Is she the complete opposite?"

    It was previously reported that Finn would be targeted in a shock murder plan.

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    Emmerdale's Finn Barton is about to take centre stage with his most dramatic scenes so far as a mysterious newcomer arrives in the village and tries to kill him.

    Charmer Brad (Jaz Martin) easily wins Finn's trust as they meet for the first time next week. However, Brad's true sinister intentions soon become clear as he spikes Finn's drink, drives him off to an abandoned barn and traps him inside with toxic fumes pouring in…

    Digital Spy recently chatted to Joe Gill, who plays Finn, to hear more about the big storyline, life at Emmerdale and much more!

    How would you sum up your first few months on Emmerdale?
    "The time has gone by so quickly since I started here! I joined last October, so I'll be coming up to a year soon. It's been one of the craziest, quickest but best years of my life so far. When you're working on Emmerdale, you're constantly busy and you've constantly got something to look forward to.

    "For the first few weeks and months, I was quite nervous, as I obviously wanted to do the best job I could do. I'll always think that, but I think I've started to find my feet now and get into the swing of things."

    Are you pleased with how the viewers are responding to Finn?
    "I am - I've had a bit of positive feedback and obviously that's lovely to hear. I think people can relate to Finn. He's not the same as his brothers, as he's got quite a few things that make him quite unique in terms of his personality, his sense of humour, his dress sense and his appearance.

    "I've had some nice feedback over all of that, and as an actor, it's obviously lovely to get some nice support."

    Next week's story is your biggest so far. How did you react when you first found out about it?
    "It was really exciting to hear. At Emmerdale they tend to keep storylines quite secret, so when you get your scripts, it's always really exciting to read what's coming up. It was enthralling for me to read this block of episodes, especially because I've never done anything like this before.

    "It was a really great challenge and I got to work with some brilliant people. The director Tony Prescott was amazing - it's the first time I've worked with him and he was absolutely brilliant. I also enjoyed working with Jaz Martin who plays Brad - some of the stunt scenes we did were great.

    "I did want to do these scenes justice, because it is the biggest storyline I've had so far. I tried my absolute best, and next week we'll see how it all looks!"

    Does Finn realise how much danger he's in?
    "Finn doesn't realise at all at first. When Brad comes into the village, he befriends Finn and has obviously looked into his likes and interests, so he can pretend to know about the same things. Brad manages to entrap and seduce Finn, who has no idea that he's such a dangerous character.

    "Once the drugs take effect, Finn has no idea what's going on and his life is left hanging in the balance…"

    Will this change Finn long-term if he pulls through?
    "I think this would have a big effect on anyone, but because Finn is such a bubbly character and he trusts people easily, this is something that would really make an impact on him. The Barton family are already going through a lot at the moment, and Finn is feeling quite alone after everything that's happened with his dad.

    "At one point Finn hopes that meeting Brad is the light at the end of the tunnel following some tough times, so when it all goes wrong, I think it'll really knock him for six."

    Finn hasn't had much luck in the romance department so far! Would you like him to find someone?
    "He's not had a lot of luck at all really! (Laughs.) I'm not quite sure whether it's because he can't find the right person for him, or whether people don't really warm to him! From what I can see, a relationship with Finn would be quite hard work! I think he'd be quite high-maintenance with how much he complains sometimes!

    "Could I see Finn with anyone? I could, but I think they'd have to be quite a patient person! If you could find him a male version of Victoria, I think that'd be perfect because they have a great friendship and really click well together."

    Did you always know Finn was a gay character when you were auditioning?
    "I did - they're really good at Emmerdale because I was given a full breakdown for the character. That was probably around this time last year. At that point, I was told all about the character's personality and his sexuality too.

    "In real life I'm straight, but I think it's been really good for me to play a character that's far removed from myself. It means that I get to see things from someone else's point of view, and learn and understand things that maybe I wouldn't have done if I hadn't played Finn. It's a challenge and a great chance for me to see things from someone else's perspective. It's actually taught me a lot and I feel blessed to play the role."

    Our readers have really enjoyed watching the Finn/Robbie dynamic. Have you enjoyed exploring their friendship?
    "Definitely. Me and Jamie [Shelton, who plays Robbie] have had a chance to work quite a lot together, which is great. We get on really well off set too. I consider Jamie one of my best friends and he's a great actor as well.

    "It's a good dynamic, because when they first started doing scenes together, I don't think anyone expected them to form a friendship. I think they're really good on screen together and it's been quite unexpected."

    Have you filmed any scenes with Danny Miller since he returned as Aaron?
    "I've not filmed any scenes with Danny yet, but I am going to within the next week. I already know Danny, though, so it's great to have him back in the show as he's a great actor. I'm looking forward to doing some scenes with him."

    When we interviewed Emmerdale's producer Kate Oates recently, she said that she didn't think Finn and Aaron would make a good match as a couple. Do you agree?
    "I do. Obviously both characters are gay, but I can't see Finn and Aaron being attracted to each other at all. Aaron would actually remind Finn of his brother Ross as they're both bad boys, and Finn would be quite put off by that.

    "In terms of sexual attraction, there might be something there - but in terms of genuinely getting along as people, I find that quite hard to imagine as they are so different. I think Finn might also really irritate Aaron!"

    It's been a tough time for the Bartons in general recently. Can they ever get back on track?
    "What we've just discovered has knocked everyone for six. Whether James can try to redeem himself with his four sons, we'll just have to wait and see. It'll be interesting to see what happens with Cain and Moira too.

    "I do think there is a possibility for everyone to get back on track, but there's always going to be an underlying tension between everyone. It's hard to imagine everyone becoming a happy, close-knit family. It'll never be simple for the Bartons - as soon as you think everything's back on track, something else will come out of the woodwork and bite everyone!"

    Kate has promised to delve into the family history a bit more later in the year, so are you looking forward to that?
    "They do keep storylines quite close to their chests so I don't know much about that, but delving into the family history does sound quite interesting! I'm sure there are a lot of questions that need to be answered. Hopefully Finn will be involved in that - it's going to be quite interesting, so I'm looking forward to seeing what happens!"

    How are you getting along with the other Barton boys in real life?
    "We're getting on great. I joined Emmerdale at exactly the same time as Anthony [Quinlan, who plays Pete] and I even had my induction with him. Mike [Parr, who plays Ross] joined a bit before the two of us.

    "What's nice is that we're getting along really well in real life. We have a brotherly bond and we spend a lot of time together off set as well as on. It's great that they've not just become work colleagues, they've actually become two of my closest mates. It's the same with Adam Thomas and a lot of other people here too."

    You look quite different to Finn when you're out of costume, so does that mean you don't get recognised much?
    "Finn wears his hair up, has glasses and is always clean-shaven, so I'd say I look a lot more like him when I'm working here in Leeds. I'm from Manchester so when I'm back home there and I've not been working for a few days, I look a bit different - so I get recognised much less often.

    "It is nice when people approach you and say that you're doing well. It's still a little bit strange, because I've never had anything like that before. I don't think I look much like Finn, though - his glasses are so bold and they change his whole appearance. Although I've been told I actually look better with the glasses on, so I might actually have to start wearing them!"

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    I hope he isn't paired with Aaron

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    Emmerdale's Pete Barton will be left fearing a possible prison sentence this week as he is linked to a drugs-related death.

    Pete is arrested and quizzed by detectives who are investigating the sad case of a girl who passed away after taking ecstasy. The situation immediately looks bleak for Pete as the police have secured evidence of his brief time as a drug dealer.

    Digital Spy recently caught up with Anthony Quinlan, who plays Pete, to hear more about his character's dark new storyline and the future of the Barton family.

    Did you always know that Pete's drugs storyline would be revisited?
    "I didn't have a clue and it came as a complete surprise to me, but I think it's brilliant that the writers have brought it back up again. There are never any 'right reasons' to deal drugs, but Pete was acting out of desperation and thought he was doing the right thing to support the family financially. I find it really interesting that they've decided to explore it again and now there is the possibility of repercussions for Pete."

    Are you glad from a moral point of view that Pete will have to face the consequences?
    "Totally. I think morally the show has to attack this, really. We need to educate people that there is never a right reason to sell drugs. It's against the law and there could be consequences.

    "It's also great that they've given me this opportunity for Pete, as it's been a great storyline to tackle. We're not entirely sure of the outcome yet, but it's always nice to get the meaty stuff."

    How much evidence do the police have against Pete?
    "It looks like Pete is bang to rights, in all honesty! The police have got evidence of Pete handing over the drugs to a young girl outside a nightclub. They've actually got pictures which show that, so it looks like Pete is going to be sent down for this."

    Pete reels to learn he's being accused of previously selling ecstasy,
    © ITV
    Pete is arrested for manslaughter

    How does it affect Pete's relationship with Debbie?
    "Pete is initially quite reluctant to inform Debbie of the situation, because she's got so many other things going on in her own life and Pete doesn't want to add to that. But when he finally does tell her, Debbie is nothing but supportive of him."

    Andy has quite a strong reaction when he finds out, though…
    "He does and rightfully so! Having your children living with somebody who's been accused of selling drugs is not an ideal scenario! Andy and Debbie haven't been getting along anyway and there's already been some conversations about custody of the children, so this just adds fuel to the fire.

    "Andy wants to go for full custody of the kids when he finds out about the allegations. I think his reaction is valid and it's the right one. If I was in Andy's shoes, I'd react in exactly the same manner!"

    With Andy's reaction in mind, can Debbie really continue to stand by Pete in the long-run?
    "At the moment, Pete and Debbie are probably stronger than they've ever been. Pete is absolutely besotted by Debbie and he thinks the world of the kids. But once these allegations crop up and there's the possibility of Pete being sent down, it's obviously going to add stress to the relationship.

    "I suppose only time will tell whether the relationship will survive or whether Debbie will continue to support him all the way. Debbie stands by him straight away, but there's also the possibility that it might not continue that way!"

    Can Pete rely on support from his family?
    "It's something they're quite solid about, as the Bartons are always there for each other. We've seen that in the past when Finn was attacked, and also with how the Bartons have looked out for Ross despite all the bad things he's done. James becomes aware of the situation Pete is in and he's nothing but supportive too."

    Pete is arrested for manslaughter.
    © ITV
    Pete is arrested for manslaughter.

    Would you like Pete and Ross's relationship to improve, or is it more interesting when they're fighting?
    "It's interesting because ultimately Pete and Ross are siblings. As much as they don't get on, they are brothers and they have an interesting relationship. They may have their issues with each other, but at times of need, blood is thick and families stick together. I like playing the scenes where our characters are at each other's throats, but equally I enjoy the scenes where there is solidarity between them both."

    Are you looking forward to the Barton brothers' mum Emma being brought in?
    "Yeah, I think it will add a whole new dimension to the family. There's already been all sorts of different rumours about Emma Barton and the family's past. We've been given a brief insight into what Emma went through with James, so I think the story could play out in a really interesting way. There's so many different directions they could go with it!

    "Obviously we know James cheated on Emma with Moira, so there'd definitely be some issues there. But let's not forget that Emma also left her children, so it'd be interesting to see how the relationship would progress with them as well!"

    Do you think there's still more to learn about the Bartons?
    "The Bartons are a big family and with the prospect of the mother coming in, there could be a big can of worms opened. There could be things you don't know about the Bartons that do come to light for the audience. Pete doing drugs was a bit of a shock and there could be more to come, so watch this space!"

    How do you look back on your first year at Emmerdale?
    "It's gone so fast and it's been a bit of a whirlwind, but we've been blessed with great storylines. Working with the writing team and the production team as a whole has been fantastic. Emmerdale is a great place to be and it just keeps going from strength to strength. We've also had nothing but great support and feedback from the audience. We seem to have fitted in - well, I hope we have anyway!"

    With Christmas fast approaching, will it be a busy or quieter time for the Bartons?
    "There's all sorts of stuff going on actually! It's never a quiet Christmas in soapland, is it? We're filming Christmas and New Year at the minute. I can't give much away yet, but there's a few things happening and it's definitely going to be a good Christmas!"

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    Emmerdale star Anthony Quinlan has described Debbie Dingle's decision to frame her mother Charity as 'tragic'.

    Tonight's episode of the soap will see Quinlan's character Pete Barton be delivered an ultimatum by policeman DI Bails following his manslaughter arrest.

    As Pete hears that he could escape a jail sentence if he helps the police to secure a confession from Charity over her own crimes, Debbie (Charley Webb) will consider turning against her mother in order to keep her boyfriend out of prison.

    Speaking on This Morning today (November 28), Quinlan said: "It goes completely against the Dingle code for Debbie to stitch her own mother up.

    "Pete and Debbie have been really sorted lately, and it is the tragic situation they are in. He is completely in limbo - do they or don't they? You will have to wait and see."

    Charity tells Debbie and Pete the truth about DI Bails and what happened in their past.
    © ITV

    The latest plot twist stems from Pete's arrest, after it emerged that his drug dealing led to a young girl's death.

    Quinlan said: "The drugs storyline has stemmed from last year and it has come back to bite Pete in a big way. Initially he was selling drugs out of sheer desperation because the family were in dire straits at the farm and now it has come back to bite him.

    "There are allegations of him selling drugs and now he could be charged with manslaughter. He has been offered a way out."

    Digital Spy Soap Scoop video - hit play below for gossip on two new Lucy discoveries in EastEnders, a new romance story in Coronation Street, a wedding day disaster in Emmerdale and a boxing match to remember in Hollyoaks.

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