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Thread: John Michie to Join Holby

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    John Michie to Join Holby

    The actor, who plays bad boy Karl Munro in the ITV soap, leaves Weatherfield at the end of the year and will join the BBC1 medical series soon after.
    He is expected to play a leading character in the fictional hospital’s neurology department.
    Corrie announced in April that the Scottish actor was departing as the evil partner of Rovers Return landlady Stella Price, played by Michelle Collins.
    He was responsible for the fire in the pub which left Sunita and Stella badly injured – with Sunita succumbing to her injuries.
    It was announced in April he had signed a new six-month contract so bosses could come up with a hard-hitting plot that would see him bow out of the soap later this year.
    John, who starred in crime drama Taggart as DI Robbie Ross until November 2010, said: “I’m absolutely thrilled to be joining the cast of Holby City and I’m looking forward to taking on a new challenge.
    “My mum was a nurse and always wanted me to be a doctor not an actor. So finally her wish has half come true.”
    Oliver Kent, executive producer of Holby, added: “We’re very excited about John joining the Holby City family.
    “He’s a great addition to the show and viewers can look forward to seeing some explosive storylines involving his character.”
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    I like Michie as an actor, just not the character any longer so it will be good to see him take on new roles.

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    Coronation Street star John Michie has offered the first hints of what to expect from his Holby City character, warning that the show newcomer will have some "issues".

    The actor has landed a regular role on the BBC One medical drama and will play a key character in the hospital's neurology department.

    Michie has already filmed his final scenes as Corrie killer Karl Munro, who will finally get his comeuppance when his final scenes air in September.

    Speaking of his new part, Michie told the Glasgow Evening Times: "I'm going to be a surgeon next. From scally to surgeon in one leap. It's a crazy world!"

    He continued: "I've got an outline of my Holby character, and he'll be a more easy-going sort, but with issues in his past. You've got to have issues in drama.

    "I've been watching documentaries about brain surgeons to get an idea of what they are like. I've got a couple of books to read up on them and a week in Spain between the two jobs, so I'll be studying."

    The former Taggart actor admitted that the scrutiny surrounding his high-profile soap part has been a challenge.

    Michie said: "I thought Taggart brought attention, but nothing like Corrie. It's a lot to deal with.

    "You don't appreciate how important your privacy is until you lose it. You try and find ways of disguising yourself but you can't fool everybody. And sometimes resisting the interest takes even more energy."

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    'Holby City': John Michie on Guy Self role, future storylines

    It's all change at Holby City next week as newcomer Guy Self takes charge at the hospital.

    Guy is a consultant neurosurgeon and Holby's new CEO, who quickly ruffles feathers as he clashes with Serena Campbell and vows to make some big changes.

    Former Coronation Street and Taggart actor John Michie has landed the role of Guy, and he recently caught up with Digital Spy to tell us all about his new character.

    Has it been easy to settle into Holby City?
    "Yes, it's actually been incredibly easy. Everyone is really friendly on set. I already had a friend there, because I've previously worked with Hugh Quarshie, who plays Ric. That helped to make things easier when I joined the show.

    "There's also been a lot of support from the BBC. Before I started filming, I was able to spend some time with a surgeon, which was really good. That gave me a lot of time to prepare for those scenes where you've got to get everything medically right.

    "I also love the character. I think he's really fascinating and there's a lot that they can write for him. It's all roses!"

    Did the role come about from a regular audition, or did the Holby producers always have you in mind for the part?
    "I was talking to the show's executive producer, Oliver Kent, about how Guy is developing and how easy it's been to slip into the writing. He said, 'Well that's because we wrote it for you, John!' Presumably they had an idea of who this character was, and then when the press release came out that I was leaving Coronation Street, Holby were on to my agent straight away.

    "I had meetings with Holby quite a long time before I said yes to the job and then started it, so I think there was time for them to really hone the scripts as they had me in mind for the role. I've been incredibly lucky and I think that's why I've found it relatively easy to play this character - because it's so well-written."

    Did you have a break in between finishing Coronation Street and starting at Holby City?
    "I nearly didn't! When I first met the BBC, I told them that my last shooting date at Coronation Street would be Friday, August 2. They said, 'Right, so you'll be able to start with us on the Monday then?' It would have been two days later! I said that I'd really like to have a break, just to say goodbye to Karl Munro and to say hello to Guy Self.

    "They did let me have a week away, so I was able to go away to Spain with my family. I sat on a beach with my new scripts and my new character in my head. I worked away on it, and thank God I had that week, because it would have been hard to have gone straight into Holby."

    Guy Self meets Serena Campbell
    © BBC
    Guy Self meets Serena Campbell

    What can the viewers expect from Guy Self?
    "Guy is a very ambitious and slightly arrogant man. He doesn't suffer fools gladly, and if anyone stands in his way, he will literally brush them aside.

    "The first person he locks horns with is Serena Campbell. Because she is the stand-in CEO, he feels that she is a potential threat to his long-term position. Guy makes Serena realise that he's the boss, why he's the boss, and why he will continue to be the boss! The intimation is, 'If you get in my way, you will be going!' He makes that clear in no uncertain terms.

    "He's not backwards in coming forward, Mr Guy Self. He's got an agenda, he's going to address that agenda and he's not going to let anyone stop him."

    Have you been told much about Guy's past?
    "There's a very important backstory, which is that Guy's wife died nine months before his arrival at the hospital. He went into some serious grief over that and he left his job at the time, before descending into a period where he drank too much and had a few affairs. Guy was trying to block off his grief for his wife.

    "When Guy finally pulled himself together, he vied for this job at Holby and he got it. This is his last chance to actually make it big in the NHS, so when he arrives, he's very determined but also slightly vulnerable because of his past."

    Guy and Serena in Holby City
    © BBC
    Guy and Serena

    It sounds like he has some big plans for the hospital…
    "Well, in his second episode, he brings in his best friend Colette Sheward as director of nursing. Straight away he's establishing a power base and he's making people understand that he's going to run this hospital in the way he wants. Director of nursing is a very powerful position in a hospital, so Guy is already ruffling quite a few feathers and he's instantly getting someone right on his side.

    "Interestingly, Colette is the only person Guy would allow to speak to him in the way that she does. She knocks him off his pedestal and generally acts like a best pal would. I think that's quite clever, because it shows the difference between the Guy Self that he presents in the workplace and the real Guy Self. It's in his interactions with Colette that we see glimpses of the real Guy."

    Had you ever watched Holby City before joining the show?
    "I used to tune into it every now and again just to see what Hugh was doing as Ric. I wasn't a great follower of it, but I am now though - I watch every episode!

    "I really like it and I think the NHS is a fascinating subject for a show to be covering. From my discussions with producers and writers, they do have some really interesting new stories coming up which I'll be at the heart of, so I'm absolutely delighted."

    You've gone from one long-running show to another, pretty much straight away. Were you surprised with how it all turned out?
    "I was surprised that I got the call from the BBC so soon after it was announced that I was leaving Corrie. It was surprising to see how closely these things must be followed by people off-camera. Then I was surprised at how pleased I was with what they told me about the show and this new character they were bringing in.

    "It was opportunity I really couldn't miss, so I just thought, 'Right, here we go! I'm not going to have a nice couple of months hanging around London doing a few voice-overs!' It was straight into a new role, but I'm really pleased with that and it's great to be working hard."

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    Holby City has confirmed a comeback for consultant neurosurgeon Guy Self and devastating stories for Fletch and Essie.

    John Michie has reprised his role as Guy after four years away, with his comeback scenes set to play out over the next few weeks.

    Guy will be shaking things up upon his arrival back at the hospital, as it becomes clear that he's hiding something from his time away.

    With a few secrets up his sleeve, he soon gets under the skin of some of his colleagues –namely Ric Griffin (Hugh Quarshie).

    John said: "It's always exciting to come back to Holby City and play Guy Self because he's such a dangerous, egotistical character who's constantly fighting his personal demons whilst always knowing that he's a brilliant surgeon."

    Simon Harper, executive producer of Holby City and Casualty, said: "What a pleasure it is to welcome back the wonderful Mr Michie as the oily Guy Self, Holby's very own neurological Lord of Misrule, who is always guaranteed to sow trouble and strife.

    "That said, he does on this occasion appear to be a reformed character, if you can believe that – we'll have to wait and see! Ric is certainly less than pleased to see him, and it's safe to say that things get decidedly rocky on AAU."

    Holby's new trailer has also previewed a devastating time for both Essie and Fletch, who are both diagnosed with cancer this spring.

    The lives of two of Holby's most-loved characters are set to be thrown into turmoil when Essie's cancer returns and Fletch also receives his own cancer diagnosis.

    This will mark the beginning of a harrowing couple of months for the pair as they deal with the life-changing news, face up to their worst fears and make some very difficult decisions.

    Kaye Wragg, who plays Essie, said: "Showing the real struggle of two nurses sharing an illness together yet being alone in their own torture of what their futures hold is Holby at its best.

    "Being immersed in the world of this disease is something I've had many experiences with as myself, so there's no shortage of empathy and understanding for my character and for Fletch's.

    "It's a tough watch, but it will resonate for many sufferers and their loved ones going through traumatic illnesses. Throughout their journeys, Essie and Fletch discover their worst fears, their lost opportunities and what futures they need to make plans for."

    Simon added: "When initially considering cancer storylines for these two beloved characters, we first took the view that we couldn't run both at the same time – but then realised that we actually could and should.

    "Statistically, cancer affects so many of us, that two work colleagues could well find themselves in Essie and Fletch's situation, where they have this huge, bonding thing in common but such a different experience of it.

    "Hopefully we will raise awareness this way. These two most caring nurses now have to care for each other in their fight, challenging their relationships with their partners Sacha and Ange and making both of them face their darkest fears. Kaye and Alex are just as wonderful as you would expect, with heart-breaking performances."

    Digital Spy

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    Always love to hate his character.

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    I agree. Hopefully there's not room for two neurosurgeons though which could mean Max will be leaving. I hope so anyway as he's the lesser of two evils imo

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