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Thread: Hannah Matty Barton

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    I liked him at the start but now find him annoying and am not keen on a romance between him and Victoria

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    Quote Originally Posted by tammyy2j View Post
    I liked him at the start but now find him annoying and am not keen on a romance between him and Victoria
    Think it is as it was with Stella and Michelle on Corrie ... too much rammed down viewer's throats to introduce them and show as much of their character as possible in the shortest time rather than letting the viewers slowly used to their character .. did not work for Corrie, cannot see it work here unless they stop it sooner rather than later with his character

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    Emmerdale's Matty Barton is subjected to a disturbing attack on New Year's Eve after coming face-to-face with his ex-boyfriend Isaac.

    Matty hasn't seen Isaac since transitioning and their unexpected reunion takes a horrifying turn when Isaac becomes violent, wanting to impress his thuggish friends.

    At a recent Emmerdale press day, Digital Spy caught up with Ash Palmisciano – who plays Matty – to hear more about the tough new storyline.

    How does this storyline begin?

    "Matty bumps into Isaac on New Year’s Eve. Straight away, he wonders: 'How is this going to go down? A boyfriend from the past is seeing me as Matty'. Isaac doesn’t take it too well at all."

    Does Isaac know who Matty is straight away?

    "It takes a while for him to figure out. It’s one of those situations where Isaac recognises the face and thinks: 'Do I know this person?' Then Isaac finds out who it is and he feels really embarrassed in front of his lad mates, who are all saying: 'Hey, you got with a boy’.

    "What happens is that Matty tries to calm the situation down. He's supposed to be having a good time at the New Year party, but he's got this guy calling him a freak. Matty leaves feeling a little bit upset and says goodnight.

    "Unfortunately, Matty bumps into Isaac again on the way home with his mates and that’s when it all gets a bit nasty."

    Does Isaac get really violent?

    "Yeah, he pulls Matty to one side on the walk home. Matty doesn't want any trouble and asks him to leave it, but Isaac is so embarrassed in front of his lad mates so he tries to prove a point.

    "They grab Matty and they actually strip him by taking his top off. This is the worst thing in the world that could ever happen to Matty. He is so embarrassed of his body anyway and is trying his best to fit back into the village. He’s desperate for surgery, he’s humiliated, and they pin him down to the point where he can’t move.

    "They take his top off and of course what he has been wearing underneath is a compression vest – a binder is what they call it. They say: ‘There you go, you’re still a woman aren’t you?’ That knocks Matty’s head for a long time – it really, really disturbs him.

    "The whole village sees it and Matty has no choice but to run away. The problem is, he wakes up the next day and he won’t talk about it. He’s so humiliated and embarrassed."

    What happens with Cain?

    "Cain susses that Matty’s not right and pulls him to one side. They have this beautiful male-bonding relationship happening. Matty ends up explaining what happened and asks Cain to teach him how to defend himself. He’s worried that it might happen again. Matty hasn’t been nurtured in that way and doesn’t know what to do in those situations.

    "Cain says: 'No, I’m not going to teach you how to fight, but I think we should tell your mum'. But of course, Matty is so humiliated that he doesn't want to tell Moira.

    "Then on the other side you have Victoria, who was there and witnessed it all. She wants Matty to go to the police, but Cain doesn’t want him to. If Matty does that and the police come to the house, they might start questioning Cain about everything else.

    "Cain takes it into his own hands and goes to beat up these guys. Matty didn’t ask him to, but that’s how Cain deals with problems. So Cain goes to sort them out, but actually he really shouldn’t because of what happened with Joe. It triggers something for him and he actually ends up being beaten up by Isaac and the gang too."

    Does Matty find that out?

    "Yeah, Cain is missing overnight so Matty starts to wonder what is happening. Then Cain comes in the door absolutely battered. He looks awful. Moira can’t believe it either – this isn’t like Cain. Matty is questioning it too and then he decides to go to the police, even though Cain tells him not to. He lets Cain down a little bit there.

    "Matty is unaware of the Joe situation, he just thinks this is Cain protecting his family. So when PC Swirling comes to the house, obviously he wants to know why Cain looks like that. It sets Cain on edge, as he doesn’t want the police sniffing round him."

    Does it make Matty feel better that Cain has been beaten up as well?

    "I think it makes him feel quite guilty, but it also makes him feel a little less embarrassed and empowers him to try to sort it out himself."

    What was it like to film such hard-hitting scenes?

    "It was a fantastic scene to film from an actor’s perspective because it was really gritty and quite full-on. We had a fight coordinator there to choreograph it. They were amazing and had it planned out.

    "It's really important to play as well. It's going to show how uncomfortable it is for someone like Matty, who is trying so hard to transition and does not want to show people that. It shows what trans people do face and what they have to go through – the fact that people don’t get it and want to make it an oddity rather than understanding it."

    Matty starts training with Ellis afterwards, doesn't he?

    "Yes, Matty decides that he's going to build himself up now. He decides to start exercising with Ellis, who puts him through his paces. They go running around the village and they do lots of different workouts. We had to do about 15 different takes of us running up a hill – so I think the director was having us on there, as I think we did get it on the first one!

    "But the awkward thing is that Matty is really struggling – with this binder, he is struggling to breathe. He doesn’t want to ask the lads if they can take it easy, so it is really uncomfortable for him."

    Is there any hope for Matty and Victoria?

    "I think Matty is now seeing her with Ellis and realises that he might not be able to compete with a guy like him. Ellis is a personal trainer, he’s good-looking, he is 6ft so Matty is taking a step back. But secretly, I think he’s hoping that maybe down the line, something might happen. Who knows? Matty might start pursuing other things, I don’t know."

    Are people rooting for them?

    "I think it's a mixed bag. Some people are saying: 'You’re her husband’s brother – that’s a bit wrong isn’t it?' They are also nice mates. Victoria is the only close friend Matty has and he is himself with, so maybe a relationship might ruin that? Although some of the best relationships do come from friendships, so there is still everything to play for – I'm not really sure myself."

    What would you like to see in 2019 for Matty?

    "I think Matty needs to have some wins. He’s lost the girl to Ellis and he’s had this awful attack, so I think he is going to gain some new confidence next year and stop trying to please everyone. Maybe there'll be a potential new love interest? I think he’s going to start finding what he wants to be in the village job-wise and what he really wants to do.

    "He’s working at the shop, he’s working at the pub, so I think he is going to start coming into himself. Also I think he went through a stage where he thought he had to be a stereotypical guy and that might include fighting – but I think he is going to figure out who he really actually is, which is exciting."

    What are you doing for Christmas?

    "This year, I'm going back to my home town Leamington Spa and spending it with my family. I think we are maybe going to go to Wales for a couple of days and get all the families together with my nieces and nephews.

    "As a jobbing actor, it's so nice that we get time off at Christmas, as usually I’m an elf at this time of year – being a short cheeky chappie – and I'm working right up to it. So I'm just going to have some time off, watch some films and eat chocolate, that sort of thing."

    Digital Spy

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