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Thread: Vanessa Villante

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    Exclamation Vanessa Villante

    Neighbours bosses have today announced the casting of actress Alin Sumarwata as new regular character Vanessa Villante.

    Vanessa is a professional chef who will make her first appearance in Erinsborough in early 2012, before quickly turning the life of one male resident upside down.

    Show chiefs have teased that Vanessa is "no wallflower" and viewers will see her embracing life to the fullest as soon as she makes her arrival.

    In real life, meanwhile, Sumarwata has moved to Melbourne with her husband and their 2-month-old daughter for her new role.

    Sumarwata commented: "I'm very excited about joining Neighbours - this caps off a busy year for us."

    She added: "The fact she is always eating mirrors my life - I adore food."

    Sumarwata filmed her first scene for Neighbours last week and she will make her debut on Australian screens in March.

    The actress has previously appeared in Sea Patrol, East West 101 and Tangle.
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    Neighbours mechanic Lucas Fitzgerald is in for a shock when newcomer Vanessa Villante informs him that she is pregnant with his baby.

    The Ramsay Street regular, played by Scott Major, hears the bombshell news after enjoying a one-night stand with Vanessa.

    Struggling to accept his responsibilities as a father, Lucas then tries to drive Vanessa away from Erinsborough.

    A Neighbours source told the Daily Star: "Lucas is not accepting his responsibilities and wants Vanessa to disappear - but she has other ideas.

    "She gets a job as head chef at Lassiter's and he's furious. He goes straight to Paul Robinson and tells him not to hire her as she's pregnant."

    Neighbours bosses announced the casting of actress Alin Sumarwata as Vanessa late last year.

    Fans in Australia have already seen Vanessa's introduction, while she makes her debut on UK screens next month.

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    I wanna see Lucas happy

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    I thought Lucas would want to face up to his responsibilities.

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    Vanessa Villante sounds like a name for a Porn Star
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    Quote Originally Posted by N.Fan View Post
    I thought Lucas would want to face up to his responsibilities.
    He wanted to raise Steph and Dan's baby with Steph I think

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    Neighbours' UK fans see newcomer Vanessa Villante remain at the centre of drama next week as her feelings for Rhys Lawson grow.

    The pregnant chef has a clear attraction to Rhys (Ben Barber) and won't listen when her unborn baby's father Lucas tries to warn that the doctor is bad news.

    However, just as Vanessa is ready to embark on a relationship with Rhys, she is stunned to witness him angrily ranting at Susan Kennedy for spending time with his mother Elaine at the hospital. Having seen Rhys's nasty side for herself, will Vanessa be deterred from pursuing a future with him?

    In real life, actress Alin Sumarwata was cast as Vanessa late last year, moving to Melbourne from Sydney with her husband and their baby daughter for the role. Here, Alin chats to Digital Spy about her storyline.

    After a few months filming at Neighbours, how have you settled in so far?
    "Everything happened so quickly and it coincided with the move from Sydney - it was very chaotic at first and it did take a while. I felt I was coming to work, then dashing back to the baby between scenes - very full on! However, now I feel settled and I know what to expect."

    Vanessa is already stirring up life in Ramsay Street thanks to her pregnancy. How did you feel about getting such a big storyline straight away?
    "To be honest, I didn't realise in the beginning how significant it was and now I feel very lucky. What a great way to get people talking about a new character!"

    We've obviously seen Vanessa for ourselves, but how do you describe her to people?
    "She is impulsive, excitable and doesn't let much get her down and wears her heart on her sleeve."

    How do you think the Neighbours fans are responding to Vanessa?
    "I guess it is still early days, however I gather from Neighbours' digital department - who look after the website and social media - fans are really liking her, which is great considering she arrived with no back-story.

    "I actually wouldn't blame fans for being suspicious of her - 'What are her motives?', 'Where did she come from?', etc. Maybe they are and that makes her interesting!"

    Now that Lucas is being more supportive of Vanessa, how is she feeling about the pregnancy?
    "She is definitely feeling more settled and confident. I think she understands Lucas better so they're not at odds as much."

    How does Vanessa feel about Rhys? What can you tell us about their row next week?
    "She has been quite torn and also not sure of his motives in these very unusual circumstances. She is definitely attracted to him but she is still guarded.

    "When Vanessa sees Rhys shouting at Susan, it throws everything off for her - it really rocks the boat. She can't help thinking that she could be in that situation with him down the track. She is scared it forecasts something darker in the future.

    "Later, Rhys tries to fix things by opening up to Vanessa and she is relieved - she wants to see the good side in him because there is that attraction."

    Will the tension between Lucas and Rhys remain for quite some time?
    "Definitely. These are two bulls who are not going to change!"

    We've heard that Rhys and Vanessa will indeed be getting together despite the early problems. Do you think they'll make a strong pairing?
    "They still have a major hurdle to cross - the baby! So they have a lot ahead of them. Also, intellectually I don't think they are on the same playing field. Their attitude toward some things may be similar, but they are in different lines of work. He is ambitious, whereas she is happy with her lot. I think it's too early to say how they will fare in the future."

    As a new character, there's a lot of scope for the writers to explore Vanessa's past. Do you know if there are any plans for this?
    "Most definitely it is in the pipeline which will add a whole new dimension to Vanessa..."

    How have you found settling into Melbourne after moving from Sydney?
    "It's been so full on with the baby, moving and now Neighbours. I'm looking forward to our production breaks so I can see a bit more of Melbourne.

    "We purposely moved close to the studio so I could manage work and also being close to the baby, so my life really is work, rush back home to the baby, then back to work - I actually miss Melbourne!"

    Is it difficult to balance filming with your family commitments?
    "You just do it. I'm not sure if it's easy or difficult because I honestly don't know any other way now. And I think if I focus on the difficult part of it, it will end up that way. I love both sides of my life so I'm making it work."

    Is there anyone in particular who you've made friends with on the set?
    "I couldn't single out any one person - everyone has been so wonderful and supportive. I think I'm very spoilt."

    What else is ahead for Vanessa?
    "There will definitely be more revealed about her background, which I think will surprise a lot of people on the street - some parts will be embraced, while other aspects will be questioned. And there is heartbreak of course…"

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    I think Rhys is only interested in Vanessa because he probably knows it won't last long,with her being pregnant to Lucas.He just likes to go after woman who are involved with someone else,like with Jade for example.

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    Looks like Rhys is becoming a better person. I hope Rhys and Vanessa get together and their relationship lasts long. They make a good match....

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    'Neighbours' Alin Sumarwata talks Vanessa wedding plot - interview

    Neighbours' UK fans are introduced to Vanessa Villante's overbearing mother Francesca in the coming days, sparking a big storyline for the pregnant chef.

    Vanessa is startled by Francesca's visit to Erinsborough and finds herself lying about her personal situation, letting her mum believe that she and Lucas Fitzgerald (Scott Major) are a proper couple.

    Determined to make sure that her daughter does things properly before the baby is born, Francesca (Carmelina di Guglielmo) insists that Vanessa should marry Lucas. A smitten Lucas is happy to go ahead with it, but can Vanessa let the deception go so far when she still loves Rhys Lawson?

    Digital Spy recently caught up with Alin Sumarwata, who plays Vanessa, to hear more about the storyline.

    What was your reaction when you found out that Vanessa's mother would be paying a visit to Ramsay Street?
    "I was really excited because it meant exploring her background, which up until then was a bit of a mystery!"

    How would you describe the character of Francesca?
    "A dragon! The woman is so overbearing and doesn't give Vanessa any credit at all. It's pretty clear that their relationship has been strained for quite a while, which is why Vanessa left the family and there has been very little contact. Can you blame her for staying away?"

    Why does Vanessa feel like she can't be honest with Francesca when it comes to Lucas and their baby?
    "Her family are strict Catholics and a baby out of wedlock is just not accepted, while a baby as a result of a one-night stand is an even bigger sin! Vanessa knows exactly what Francesca's reaction will be."

    How difficult is it for Vanessa and Lucas to appear believable as a couple when they try to deceive Francesca?
    "It actually isn't that difficult for Lucas because he would like the kind of relationship they are fabricating to be his reality. For Vanessa, it's different. She is still in love with Rhys and the idea of being with Lucas is the last thing on her mind. Poor Lucas!"

    How do Vanessa and Lucas feel about Francesca's demand that they should get married?
    "Vanessa is in shock and while it freaks out Lucas at first, he starts to come around to the idea. In the back of his mind, he is hoping it might bring them together."

    Francesca threatens to cut Vanessa off from the family if she doesn't go ahead with the wedding. Is this a genuine threat?
    "Absolutely, which is what Vanessa is petrified of. While the relationship with her mother is very fragile, she is still her mother. She doesn't want to bring up the baby without her immediate family."

    The sham wedding will be a big story for Neighbours in the coming weeks. What kind of dramas can we expect in the build-up to the big day?
    "Well you have a bride who doesn't want to be there, a mother who desperately needs a wedding, a groom who knows that the bride is hanging by a thread, and a lover who wants to prove he should be with the bride!"

    How about the wedding itself, which is about to air in Australia?
    "Ah, it certainly doesn't go to plan and the guests are left bewildered…"

    Did you enjoy working with Carmelina on the storyline?
    "She was wonderful. Carmelina is such a respected actor here and brings so much energy to the scenes. It was a great experience."

    How strong are Vanessa's feelings for Rhys despite their break-up? Do you think there's a chance they could get back together?
    "She loves him deeply, but I think it's a case of really bad timing for them. In other circumstances, I think they would be great together, they balance each other."

    Do you think Vanessa could ever look at Lucas in a romantic light again?
    "Hmmm, he is so kind to Vanessa that I think she could develop feelings, but whether that can happen with Rhys still on the scene is the challenge."

    Looking at Vanessa's situation objectively, do you have a gut feeling on which love interest is best-suited to your character?
    "I think Rhys challenges her and there is definitely a passion between them. I'm not sure if there will ever be that passion with Lucas."

    Looking ahead to the next few weeks, we hear that your character may have a big role to play in the 2012 season finale! Can you give us any hints on what to expect?
    "A full-on labour, followed by baby and some life-changing events for Lucas and Vanessa…"

    Will the start of 2013 be quieter for Vanessa after such a busy few months?
    "Absolutely not! Her journey has just begun, there's lots more to come."

    Neighbours bosses have just announced a whole string of returns and new castings. What is the atmosphere like on set as the show enjoys this new burst of energy?
    "It's sad saying goodbye to cast members, but that is part of this business - we all move onto other projects. It's great working with new people but it's funny how quickly everyone settles in, and before long it feels like they have been there forever. You feel very welcome at Neighbours."

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