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    Sam Fitzgerald

    Simone Buchanan has admitted that she would love her Neighbours character Sam Fitzgerald to be Paul Robinson's next love interest.

    On British screens, Sam and Paul (Stefan Dennis) are currently working together to make sure that Steph Scully (Carla Bonner) is punished for the road accident which caused Ringo's death.

    UK fans saw Sam return to Ramsay Street earlier this month after she landed the role of prosecutor in Steph's culpable driving case.

    Speaking to Inside Soap about Sam and Paul's partnership, Buchanan commented: "They both share a desire to bring down Steph. There's no hint of romance, as Paul wants to patch up his marriage to Rebecca - but I think there could be in future."

    She added: "I'd love for Sam to come back to the show on Paul's arm!"

    Buchanan recently confirmed that she would not rule out future appearances for Sam.

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    Digital Spy article on Sam Fitzgerald's (Simone Buchanan) return:

    Neighbours who is Samantha Fitzgerald again?
    A familiar face is returning to Ramsay Street.

    A blast from the past is on her way back to Erinsborough and it would be fair to say that she isn't the most welcome of faces. And to make matters worse, she is teaming up with another guest who also isn't high on anyone's invite list.

    With Elly facing criminal charges over Finn's death, a crime she didn't commit, his mother Claudia is keen to see that her version of justice is served.

    So she hires a lawyer, Sam Fitzgerald, someone who is always happy to take on a case that will cause pain for the Kennedys. But who is Sam and what does she have against the residents of Number 28? Let's take a look.

    Who is Sam Fitzgerald?

    Sam made her first appearance back in 2008 as the ex-wife of one Daniel Fitzgerald he who would end up tying the knot with Karl and Susan's daughter Libby in a marriage that was as brief as it was tumultuous. She showed up just as things were beginning to develop between Dan and Libby and she made it clear that she wanted him back she got her wish.

    Due to her bipolar disorder, Sam began to make decisions that strained the relationship, including trying for a baby without telling him. Despite not getting pregnant, she told Dan that she was expecting a child, but it wasn't long before her lies were exposed.

    Dan still agreed to stand by her, even preparing to move to New Zealand with her for a fresh start. Sam, at the last minute, realised she was second best to Libby and ended up leaving without him, clearing the way for him to move on.

    Sam was only gone for a few months, however, as she later returned heavily pregnant and was adamant that the baby was Dan's. To add to the drama, this return coincided with Dan and Libby's wedding something she claimed not to know about, despite Lucas revealing he did in fact tell her.

    Sam began to cause as many problems for Libby and Dan as she could, something not helped by her staying across the street at Number 22. But sure enough, this was all another lie as Steph Scully discovered the baby wasn't Dan's and promptly told him and Libby. Sam quickly left Erinsborough after this and wasn't seen for some time.

    When did we last see Sam?

    Sam last appeared back in 2010 and made sure that Steph realised there was always a price for crossing her. Steph had been through a rough year, had a child with Dan, and then ran over Ringo Brown on her bike which resulted in his death. Seeing the effect this all had on the Kennedys, Sam couldn't resist taking on the case and going up against her former colleague Toadie in the process.

    Sam, of course, won the trial and Steph was sent to prison, being permanently released in 2015. It was a chance to inflict more pain on the residents of Ramsay Street and Sam was never going to let that opportunity slide much like the reasons that have seen her make a return this time.

    Who is Simone Buchanan?

    The actress who plays Sam, Simone Buchanan, has more connections to Ramsay Street than just playing a character. Alongside the likes of Scott Major (Lucas Fitzgerald) and Kate Kendall (Lauren Turner), Simone has turned her hand to directing and has helmed episodes of the modern show.

    Incidentally, she has family ties to the street too. Her sister, Beth, was a regular on the show as Gemma Ramsay in the early '90s, with the character being the mother of fan favourite Roxy Willis. It's a shame we couldn't have had a return from Gemma at the same time as Sam it would have been great to see the two real-life sisters sharing the screen.

    Neighbours currently airs on Mondays and Fridays at 1.45pm and 5.30pm on Channel 5 (UK) and weekdays at 6.30pm on 10 Peach (Australia).

    And the previous article again:

    Neighbours trouble for the Kennedys as Samantha Fitzgerald's return story is revealed
    Watch out, Elly!

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