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Thread: Bradley/Stacey/Max

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    Am I the only person that thinks the EE writers didnt make the most of their affair. It seems like Bradley and Max had one fight and that was it. And when Bradley took Stacey back in 2008 and Max had nowhere to stay Bradley even took his dad in to live with them!! craziest thing ever!!!

    I think in order for Bradley to have got back with Stacey he would have had to cut all ties to his dad. How could you not be thinking what if she gets bored and starts looking at my dad again?

    Stacey pregnant is Max or Bradley the father

    Part 1

    Bradley: Stace wots wrong?

    Stacey: Nothing!

    Bradley: You've been acting like this all day.

    Stacey: I'm just a bit tired thats all.

    Bradley: So, how bout the arji bargee tonight, a few bottles of wine, some candlelight, maybe get is in a romantic mood (Bradley coming a bit closer)

    Stacey: (pulls away) yeh fine (gets up)

    Bradley: What is it Stace? I am trying! What more do you want from me?

    Stacey: (turns around) look about last night.

    Bradley: If this is about my dad I don't want to hear it stace, o.k. I've forgiven you, we've moved on.

    Stacey: It's not as simple as that Bradley. I...

    Bradley: I don't want to hear it Stace.

    Stacey: I'm pregnant Bradley.

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    I thought him and Max fell out for a while? I dont remember Bradley just quickly forgiving him..
    Happy New Year SoapBoards!

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    Bradley did not speak to Max for a while but relented when Max needed a place to stay. Usual soap story, foes one minute, buddies the next.

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    Change of writers causes problems for Eastenders. I remember when Bradley told Stacey that he'd told Max he could stay with them. He was like 'I know its a bit weird...but he hasnt got anywhere else stace lol. Is sounded like a threesome could be on the cards? lol.

    p.s. that script wasnt my best work, i was very tired lol. i wrote it at like 3 this morningl Might try again later.

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    I think Stacey is the big love of Bradley's live and he will forgive her anything in the end

    You'd never know maybe Stacey's baby is really Max's baby now not Archie's baby

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