Place Your Bets...

  1. Bryan
    Who do you think killed Archie?
    And who do you think will go down for it?

    I think Ryan killed him, because it just seems right to me somehow. I do think Bradley will go down for it though as Bradleys exit is part of the live episode, and so is Archie's murderer revealed. Bradley's DNA will be on Archie, and if Bradley were to leave this way he could come back in the future.

    Imagine if it was Ryan, and he framed Bradley. Ryan and Stacey get together for the sake of the baby they have together (becuase i dont believe the baby is Archie's for a second) and then Stacey finds out Ryan set up Bradley and all hell breaks loose.
  2. DaVeyWaVey
    My money is on Ronnie. Roxy walks in just after Ronnie hit him over the head and Archie was apologising and saying 'Veronica' as he realises it was her that attacked him from behind.
  3. Abbie
    I think its Sam
    But Bradley will go down
  4. CrazyLea
    I reckon it was Jack.. but I dunno, I reckon Ronnie or Bradley will go down.
  5. Chris_2k11
    I think its Peggy! she wanted Archie outta her pubbbb !
  6. SarahWakefield
    I think it was Billy, or Sam.
  7. Dazzle
    It seems to me that it will be Bradley or Peggy because both of them are leaving, and I think it would be more likely to be Peggy than Bradley.

    I can't see Bradley sneaking back after he'd hit Archie; although, saying that, Archie did say some pretty nasty things as Bradley was leaving. Something about Stacey preferring "vintage"! That might have wound Bradley up to breaking point, and I think Stacey has her doubts about his denial of the murder.

    Sam has form and isn't a permanent cast member so could go to prison. Finding out that she'd been manipulated into bringing her family down would have been traumatic. Also, she was involved in Dirty Den's murder (although she didn't actually hit him).

    I think my favourite is Sam, closely followed by Bradley and Peggy.
  8. Abigail
    I think Ronnie lying next to her father when Roxy walked in is a red herring designed to make viewers think it was Ronnie.

    The blood pattern on Phil's shirt is all wrong for him to be the killer. If Phil struck Archie from behind the blood would spray in lines not a great big puddle on his shirt. I'll forget about the fact that there would have had to be two blows to the head to draw blood as this is EastEnders and they obviously didn't do their research. The blood on Phil's shirt could have come from Phil bending down next to Archie. If he bent over him to whisper in his ear, that would account for the blood pattern.

    Unless Peggy was stood on a stool, it wasn't her either. She's far too short to pick up a heavy bust and crack a six foot plus man over the head with it and kill him.
  9. Siobhan
    I also think Ronnie is a red herring... My money is on Bradley, cause we know he is leaving..
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