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31-08-2007, 23:35
Jane's Best Friend (Vicky) - Born in 1985. 22 years old. Her name is Vicky. She has been friends with the victim Jane, since she was 18 years old. They both attended the same university in Yorkshire and they made friends as they were doing the same university course which was a performing arts degree. Vicky's friendship with Jane isn't all it seems though...

Jane's Mother (Luna) - Born in 1970 – 37 years old. Jane’s mother has had a tough life. She gave birth to Jane at the age of 16 and her parents (Jane’s grandparents) disowned her after getting pregnant at such a young age. But why is Luna a suspect exactly!? All will be revealed soon enough...

Jane's Other Best Friend (xTanya) - Born in 1985. 22 years old. This person has known Jane since she started her degree at university when she was 18 years old. Both did a performing arts degree. Instantly became good friends and started to share a flat with her and Jane’s best friend, Vicky from the 2nd year at university. Is a genuinely nice girl who has had a very normal upbringing but there is one secret this suspect is hiding...

University Lecturer (Siobhan) - Born in 1967. 40 years old. Male. This person was one of Jane’s university lecturers at her university. He helped her through her performing arts degree. He met her in her 1st year and over the 3 years, has became incredibly close to her...but how close?!

Jane's Boyfriend (Debs) - Born in 1975. 32 years old. This person is Jane’s boyfriend and has been in a relationship with her for 4 years. He and Jane have a 10 year age difference. They both met at a bar. Since they've got together, he's made many enemies within Jane’s friends and family because they believe he has taken advantage of Jane and they don’t like the age difference within the relationship.

Jane's Stepfather (Chloe O Brien) - Born in 1967. 40 years old. Male. He met Jane’s mum when they were both 30 years old. Been together for 10 years. This person has been known to have had a very tough relationship with Jane.

Local Shopkeeper (Pinkbanana) - Born in 1970. 37 years old. Male. He runs the local shop near Jane’s house. Jane and Jane’s family visit his shop regularly. He is a very quiet, private and mysterious person and he don’t like to give much away. But what is this suspect's motive exactly!?

01-09-2007, 20:04
A search of Jane's house has uncovered a new suspect - looking at Jane's internet history has uncovered that Jane was talking to a very mysterious man on the internet and was having explicit conversation with him...

Jane's Internet Stalker (Bondboffin) - Born in 1980 – 27 years old. Bryan’s role in the game is that he talked to Jane over the internet. Does this mean he has something to do with Jane's murder?