View Full Version : Spoilers for this week in Oz (19-23rd June 2006)

22-06-2006, 22:01
Monday June 19th, 2006


Sky looks to her long dead mother for advice.
Dylan and Elle become more than friends.
Sky finally tells Dylan the life changing news.
Boyd and Janae hand out formal invitations to their dream wedding.

Tuesday 20th June 2006http://www.neighbours.com/australia/aus_slices/230606oz.jpg


Stingray is too scared to tell Dylan that he may also be the father of Sky's baby.
Robert returns from hospital to finish what he started.
Rachel and Stingray spend a night hiding out together.
Lou asks Mishka not to confess her fake passport to the authorities.

Wednesday 21st June 2006


Katya believes that the wrong twin is in gaol.
Paul and Gail's old attraction boils over.
Susan covers her feelings for Karl with outlandish criticisms.
Max is confused by Steph's body issues.
Ned and Lyn clash over Oscar.
Karl encourages Ned to take the plunge with Justine.

Thursday 22nd June 2006


Karl receives frightening news about his father.
Hard-hearted Toadie rules out helping Janelle with her writ- even when she pathetically begs.
Steph confesses her body issues to Max.
Boyd and Janae become frustrated by the tepid reaction to their impending nuptials.
Justine begins her plan to control 'Oodles O' Noodles'.

Friday 23rd June 2006


Susan supports Karl in his hour of need, but will she be able to keep her feelings for him in check?
Karl is forced to make a heartbreaking decision for his dad.
Zeke resents Susan's link to Karl as he marks Alex's birthday.
Bree begs Zeke to keep Rachel and Stingray's romance secret.