On every Internet forum, there are guidelines and rules, which the members follow. By knowing and following these, the forum is not only kept clean and tidy, but also is a friendlier place to post in.

This is no different on SoapBoards. Here, we have a certain posting trait which members follow, which means that people can express their opinions, and not become an irritation in anyway to the other members. As well as the rules (which can be read in more detail here: ), we have certain guidelines, which will be explained further here.

So what’s the difference between a rule and a guideline? Well, essentially, not a lot. A rule, however, must be followed by every member and is definite. The guidelines, however, is just certain traits which people follow in their posts. These are not set in stone.

So, to make everything a bit easier for everyone, here’s the guidelines of SoapBoards



Not everyone is great at spelling, we all know that. But on SoapBoards, if you put the effort into getting it right, then that’s all that counts. Putting full stops, commas, and dashes into your posts isn’t hard, so if you just read through your posts before you post them, then it comes across a lot better to the rest of us readers.

Remember you can edit your posts after you’ve done them, if you notice a mistake. Just click the “Edit” button at the bottom of any of your posts, and hey-presto! A window will open, and you can edit your posts easily.


Its an old saying, but on SoapBoards it really is true. Don’t feel like you have to post, when you really don’t have much to add to a discussion. Use your common sense when your posting to decide if your only posting for the sake of doing so. Remember, people prefer you to add a couple of smart comments which add to a conversation, rather then posting pointlessly over and over again, which throws the discussion off topic.


This leads on from the last guideline. When you’re posting, try to stay as close to the original topic as possible. We all understand that sometimes you go off a little bit, but doing this over and over again, and straying way from the point isn’t appreciated by anyone. If you want to talk about something else, then feel free to start a new topic in the right forum, and let the other topic carry on being about what it’s meant to be about.

Simply, If what you’re posting has nothing to do with the original post, you’re going off topic. So, just please, don’t .


Everyone understands if you post a thread with is exactly the same as another one, every now and again. But be warned: It will be closed as soon as a mod finds it. So to make their jobs easier, just have a quick check to see if it is a duplicate.

Theres 2 ways you can do this. One way of doing this is by doing a search of SoapBoards.

As the picture above shows, you can do this by clicking “Search” at the top of any page on Soapboards. Then type in the subject of the topic your planning on starting, and press go. Then any topic with those words in it, or with that subject, will come up in a window, and you can check if your thread is unique of not.

You can also search by clicking and then typing in the subject in the subject box. Then a button to the left of it will become active. Click on that, and any thread with that same topic will pop up. The button you need to click is shown on the picture below…

As I said at the beginning of this, these aren’t rules. You’re not going to get alerted, or banned if you don’t do this. But at the end of the day it all comes down to reputation. If you constantly make extra work for the moderators, then they’re not going to think as highly of you, compared to if you’d put the time into trying to prevent it. It only takes a few minutes, maybe not even that. So put the effort in, and people will think higher of you


This overlaps with the rules, but because its kind of important, I thought I’d explain a bit here too. I use text talk a lot. I always have, as do most people my age. But when you read the forums the first thing you’ll notice is that no one uses it. That’s because not everyone uses nor understand text talk. We all know proper English, its what we’ve all been taught at school, so just use it on here, even if you don’t use it anywhere else. It stops your posts looking childish, messy, and makes the whole forum just easier to skim through, rather then have to work out what everyone is trying to say.

As I said, this is a rule on SoapBoards. You can’t use text talk 24/7, nor can you post in capitals. But I think that when you first start out at a forum, you can lapse back into old habits. The mods will understand if you do it a little bit (maybe writing “You” as “u” the odd time). But just take the time to read through your post, and you’ll avoid any bans or alerts from doing it over and over again.


If someone asks a question about how SoapBoards works or something, then feel free to answer them. As long as it’s the right answer, then you’re just doing the mods a favour. But when you start having a go at people for breaking the rules, or try to tell people off… well that’s stepping over the line, to be honest. The moderators are there to keep the boards clean, tidy, and deal with any situations with members. If someone’s breaking the rules, report them to a moderator and they can deal with it properly. They’ve been chosen to be moderators because they are unbiased so they can deal with things like that- so let them do their job! Don’t take things into your own hands, because it’ll just make you look bad really.

So just to sum that one up- help other members, but don’t take matters into your own hands, if someone’s breaking the rules. That’s not your job. At all. Far from it in fact!


I hope that by reading this you understand how we all are at SoapBoards. As I said, every forum has its own posting traits, and these are ours. If you have any other questions, then you can ask them in this thread. That way, all the questions are kept together, and makes it all neat and tidy

Thanks x

Written by Abi
Edited by Norman Bates